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5 Reasons to book a South African Mountain Bike Holiday with South Sky

Mauro Schmid and Silas Valualta mountain bike Jonkershoek
Mauro Schmid and Silas Valaulta sampling some pristine singletrack at Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch.

If you are looking to go on a mountain biking holiday, Stellenbosch might be the perfect destination for you. With 836km of pristine MTB trails accessible right from the centre of town, Stellenbosch has a backyard of mountain biking beauty. Here at South Sky, we dedicate our work to offering our guests an all-encompassing cycling holiday experience.

Here are five reasons why South Sky is the perfect tour operator for your South African cycling trip:

1. Ride some of the best trails in the country with highly experienced guides:

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable mountain bikers who have spent many years cycling around Stellenbosch. Together with the rest of the South Sky team, they hand-pick the best routes in the area for our guests to enjoy, no matter the fitness or skills level.

Joining South Sky on your mountain biking trip ensures you get to ride the best trails Stellenboch and the surrounding area have to offer. No need to waste your precious time googling where the trails are and which ones are best. We take care of all of that.

Our local knowledge shines through on the trails to give our guests an experience found nowhere else. Besides the epic trails and mazy single tracks, you will get to meet some truly amazing people. Our guides add that local flavor to the experience. Get to know the people from the area and learn what the cycling community in Stellenbosch is all about!

Mountain bike guide riding on Botmaskop, Stellenbosch.
South Sky's guides will ensure you ride the best trails in the area.

2. We organise, you enjoy!

One of the best things about a paid trip is that you do not need to organise anything. Once you set foot in South Africa, we organise your transport to Stellenbosch, accommodation for your stay, and book you at the best restaurants in the area you can enjoy on your time off.

With all that organising off your hands, it allows our guests to soak in every moment of their holiday. Here at South Sky, we emphasise customer relaxation and satisfaction, so everything we do and organise is in your best interest.

After your bike ride, no need to worry about washing your bike, as daily bike washes are included to give you extra time to kick your feet up and relax.

3. Flexibility

At South Sky, we want you to be in control of your holiday. Our flexibility gives you the freedom to explore and enjoy your time in South Africa. We offer our daily bike rides, but any time around that is yours to decide. That is why our accommodation is in the centre of town. Allowing our guests to explore all the local stores, gift shops, restaurants, and coffee shops straight out the front door. You can also grab daily shuttles from the town centre to take you to Cape Town and other nearby tourist attractions.

Even our rides are flexible. Whether you are an avid rider or still getting the hang of things, we have rides for all levels.

4. Experience diversity at every level

Coming down to South Africa for a 7 or 14-day bike trip holds a lot of promise. One thing that is guaranteed is the amount of natural, cultural, and culinary diversity you will experience. Stellenbosch is nestled in the Cape Winelands, known for its towering mountains filled with ”fynbos” and anointed with spectacular wine and citrus farms. The landscape is diverse, and so are the people. Here in Stellenbosch, different cultures, nature, and languages are all blended together in the spirit of Ubuntu (meaning: “I am because we are”), which symbolises the togetherness of people.

The same goes for the food. South Africa is a melting pot of cuisines, and you will experience fantastic local restaurants and meals. Whether you want to experience the classic wine and dine on a beautiful farm or mix it up with international cuisines, Stellenbosch is a foodies dream.

5. Your trip supports the local community

By booking a trip with South Sky, you will invest in the local community in many ways. Most of our tour guides come from the Faitree Cannondale academy. A program started in 2008 giving the less privileged the opportunity to become sponsored cyclists and now tour guides!

South Sky connects the community and creates jobs for many people in Stellenbosch. All this would not be possible if it were not for you, the guests, coming to our little slice of heaven. From Avuyile’s bike wash operation to buying art from local artisans for your welcome package, you will experience local collaborations around every corner.

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