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Connecting the Dots

We live in a town full of opportunity. We have the mountains, we have the trails, we have the restaurants and accommodation, we have the passionate people. The only thing left to do is connecting the dots. 

That's South Sky.

We want to share the experience of mountain biking in Stellenbosch with the rest of the world, while also making it a better place. 


Meet Our Team

A merry band of misfits.
What happens when a dentist, an entrepreneur, a Swiss and a surfer start a business?

CEO & Founder

Corrie Muller

Corrie is a dentist by day, but don't be surprised if he walks into the practice with some dirt on his shoes, fresh from the trails he just visited. As an accomplished trailbuilder, he is also responsible for a lot of the trails you will be riding on your trip!


Marketing Manager

Frederik Voigt

Our in-house marketer, videographer and barista. Frederik is responsible for making sure your experience is truly once-in-a-lifetime, or at least making it look like it on camera. When he is not pushing buttons, you can find him in the ocean surfing or scuba diving.

Operations Manager

Belinda Gantz

The latest addition to the band of misfits.

With her intense focus on running a tight ship, she keeps the devil in the details at bay. 

Belinda is an invaluable member of our team and will make sure your experience is truly unforgettable. 

Now we only need to get her on a bike...


Investor, Entrepreneur and MTB Enthusiast

Tjaart Van der Walt

Tjaart is co-founder and director of TYME, a multinational digital banking group. He also invests globally in high-growth ventures that are built by inspiring and resilient founders whose dreams unlock the potential of people whom they engage with.  Tjaart is the cornerstone investor in South Sky for this very reason.

Swiss Partner, Investor

Beat Valualta

Everyone needs a Swiss army knife in their arsenal. At South Sky it's no different. Beat visited Stellenbosch a few years ago and instantly fell in love! 

He is our eyes and ears in Europe, helping spread the word. 

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Meet Our Guides

Their smiles are almost as big as their love for mountain biking. 

Siyabulela "Rasta"
Ongeziwe Tyapa
Luyanda Dina

Partner Brands

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European Partner Bike Shops

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