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Not sure about what to expect on the trails?

Have a look below at some of our popular trails around Stellenbosch. We're still busy getting content for most of the trails and we'll update the page as we get more footage!


Situated just outside of the town, this is one of the most prized nature reserves in the area. The reserve is caught in between two rising mountains that offer fun single tracks and jeep tracks along the mountain tops. Enjoy the beautiful fynbos reserve with tranquil rivers, waterfalls, and stunning views once you get high up on the trails.



Situated behind Botmaskop moutain, the Banhoek valley is one of most beautiful areas in the Western Cape. The area is also accessible through the Boschendal farm next to the local town of Kylemore. Once on the road, bikers can enjoy flourishing fynbos in the nature reserve while looking down onto the valley and its historic agricultural farms filled with livestock, citrus fruit, berries, and of course, more wine.

While enjoying all the healthy sought-after trails and single tracks, riders will also have the opportunity to spot some wildlife on neighbouring farms, such as the famous Springbok, Eland, and Gemsbok.



G-Spot, Eden, Mont Marie

G-Spot is regarded as one of the best single tracks in the country. Built by Mark Gordon and managed by the Stellenbosch Trail Fund, G-Spot offers a ride like none other. Situated right above town, the area provides chiseled single tracks with plenty of jumps and curvy berms that will have you jumping with joy.

Eden Forest and Mont Marie is a short ride away from G-spot and is also managed by STF. The two networks make for a great first ride to familiar yourself with Stellenbosch's trails as it's just outside of the town centre. 

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