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5 Hidden Gems in Stellenbosch

In this article, we pick out 5 lesser known spots you need to visit when coming to Stellenbosch.

1. Balance Coffee Roastery

Dirk du Toit is a qualified accountant who realised that his future does not belong in the corporate environment. His burning desire to produce his coffee brand made him purchase a roaster. He started small in his one-room barn where he stays - the first hessian bean bags were used to separate his sleeping corners from the roaster. His enthusiasm spread like the flavour of his roasted beans up the Jonkershoek Valley and he can be proud to claim the landmark coffee shop at the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve gate. A coffee after a ride in Jonkershoek is a must!

2. Rupert Museum

Enter Stellenbosch from the south, one crosses the Eerste River and directly there after a single vineyard proclaims the region`s love affair with wine. In this block of vines is the museum that bears the name of the late Anton Rupert. Here the surname Rupert is attached to excellence and the art inside. Once there, one soon rediscovers our African continent and its vibrant art. Expression is an African thing, and there are loads of it inside. Most valuable is the magnificent Pierneef collection. Like it is custom in Stellenbosch, coffee is served on the banks of the river.

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3. Familiér

Just off the R44 is a family-owned operative that delivers raw and processed food directly to the public. The daughter and son-in-law of the legendary Hempies du Toit take care of a unique supply chain. They create a platform where poorer communities can grow valuable produce for the open market. Familiér is unashamedly organic and focuses on their small-scale farmers, by providing support so that they can optimise their harvest. Follow their signs on Upper Annandale Road or buy online.

4. Crafts Alive

At the lower end of the oak tree-lined Die Laan, an old building arises on the very edge of the Eerste River. Known only as Ou Landbousaal, it is here that Anna Kruger fosters collaboration between the different communities in Stellenbosch by combining effort, assets, and talents. The result is a truly ethical Stellenbosch product where real entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to disperse into this world to become self-sufficient individuals. Not only are the unique craft up for sale but also here is a refreshing thought that the world is certainly becoming a better place.

5. Wine Pod at Stellenzicht

Slap bang on the Stellenzicht mountain bike trails is an enticing indigenous garden with an odd pod-like structure. Sit back and indulge in the vineyard views. As the sun changes the colors, so does your glass turn from clear white to ruby red. There are a few options to taste their wine. Your host will keenly tell you about the wine-making process as it is intertwined with the local geology and the ancient custom still evident today. On the culinary front – their pizza options are to die for. Try it out with your favourite red of the tasting.

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